Steve Ralph's Story...


At the end of 2017, I suffered a spinal cord injury at C4. As anybody that knows anything about spinal-cord injury would appreciate, your entire world gets turned upside down in an instant. Not only that, but the lives of those around you, most poignantly, your family, change as well. Everybody is going through this injury together.


The emotional and human/personal cost of a spinal-cord injury is hard to measure but has a ripple affect out to everyone you know. As much as you can adapt and overcome the physical and mental barriers that an injury present, there is no denying that it takes a toll on you and for this reason, the prospect of a treatment on the horizon for people with spinal cord injury is so important!


My dad, Tony, is committed to assisting people who have suffered a spinal cord injury by raising much needed funds for the Perry Cross spinal research foundation which will be pledged towards the refinement of a treatment for paralysis! The idea of this is extremely motivating for everybody who has been touched by spinal-cord injury.


The thought that we can do something ourselves to help assist such a great cause is something that we as a family feel strongly about, and we are so thankful that people are working towards a treatment for paralysis.


During this fundraiser, my dad and a team of mates will complete a round Australia flight over two days in a 737 flight simulator in real time in order to raise money for the Perry Cross spinal research foundation! This is a huge effort and an incredible feat for a great cause; to cure paralysis – everything is possible!


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